Unizion Technologies

Web Application Development

A web application is a computer software application, that is coded/programmed and developed in a browser supported software languages (like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Jquery etc.,) It includes database design and its connection with Web application. Developed application shall be easily navigable, search engine optimized and user friendly.

Our Web development services include PHP with mySQL, content management system development, e-commerce development.

Custom Application Development

Unizion provides you application-based custom web development service that suits your requirements and work process. To provide you the service that exactly reflects your expectations, our development team first analyzes your business process and data communication style. Then we offer you multiple development options and implement the one that you approve, according to your business goals. We also take into consideration your style of business, and we customize the development process in order to make your marketing and business strategy more effective, results-oriented, and affordable.

Open Source Customization

we customize the Applications in order to meet your requirments more effective, and affordable.

Software As A Service (SaaS)

The growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) sometimes called 'Cloud Computing' is rapidly eliminating the need for the traditional purchase-and-install model of running applications. Put simply, a SaaS application is simply one that is hosted in a data centre and can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.

That brief description belies a radical new business model that is making huge changes to the IT industry. A revolution may be happening, but you need to understand whether now is the right time for your business to move to SaaS.

Here are some of the key reason why you should seriously look at SaaS:

  • The Economic Climate
  • Efficient Licensing
  • Higher Service Levels
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Compliance & Security